Services Provided

  • Preventative health care

  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic disease

  • Health education

  • Basic prescription medications

  • Referral to other support agencies

Services NOT Provided

  • Female exams or pap smears

  • Physicals

  • Urgent or emergency care

  • Pain management

  • Narcotic prescriptions

  • Payment of medical bills

  • Outside prescriptions

  • Treatment of sexually transmitted dieseases

  • Mental health or addiction

  • Erectile dysfunction

Who is Eligible for Services?

The Open Arms Clinic serves Stephens County residents who are uninsured and do not have the means to purchase coverage. Residents who have or qualify for Medicaid or Medicare are not eligible.

Eligibility will be determined through the clinic's pre-registration screening process which includes verifying income, getting proof of residency and more.

Once eligible, residents can be seen at the clinic free of charge. **

*There is a once-a-year $25 registration/recertification fee.
**If a patient fails to show for an appointment of any kind, he or she will be charged a $5 No-Show Fee. Services will be suspended until the penalty is met.